Sunday, August 13, 2017

Week 49: A Child's Prayer


Cookie challenge!

I love this ward!

Ren Shimai and I!

Gyoza ( my new gyoza making tool from Daiso)

Sent from my iPadHello friends,

Oh how beautiful the song "A Child's Prayer" is.

"Heavenly Father, are you really there?
And do you hear and answer ev'ry child's prayer?
Some say that heaven is far away,
But I feel it close around me as I pray.
Heavenly Father, I remember now
Something that Jesus told disciples long ago:
"Suffer the children to come to me."
Father, in prayer I'm coming now to thee."

Never has this song touched my heart more deeply than this week.

This week was more focused on how deeply our faith, my faith as a
missionary can grow. For we must all walk by faith in this world, as
well in the mission field. To say the least, faith is what develops
action! Faith to talk to someone, faith to ask someone to be baptized,
and faith to have courage to not let fear and doubt stand in your way.
We were faced with tremendous times to act and stand firm. On Monday
we had a lesson with one of our investigators Ono San. For the longest
time, he would not take the Book of Mormon. But, last time we were
able to get him to download the app on his phone. Acting by faith, we
asked him to read just the introduction. He said he would. I had a
feeling he probably wouldn't, but that's when I needed to trust in God
and his plan as well as relying on someone's word. When we got there,
he was so surprised we had come back, he sat down in his little
doorstep and listened , I asked "Ono san, have you read from the Book
of Mormon this week?" To my surprise he said "I did, I read the first
3 chapters, and had this question." I almost fell over, I couldn't
just stand here with the biggest smile on my face. Ono san had started
to progress and really was interested why two young missionaries would
come back every Monday and talk about God and Jesus Christ. Especially
since the Monday we came back, it was right after a Typhoon. But, the
storm had let up for this lesson. Before we ended, Ono san already
told us, he said "I will read the Book of Mormon this week, because I
like the history part of this, and I really want to know why you
keeping coming back, why is this so important." After we said goodbye
and he shut his door and turned off the light. We couldn't, but just
smile about how amazing the power of the Book of Mormon is. Now at
this point the storm then down poured hard!!! We then hopped on our
bikes and bike home singing in the rain!

My companion Lenfesty Shimai is just such an amazing missionary. She
is a little quieter. But, has a good heart. At he beginning of he
transfer, I did a lot of stopping people, but this week she started
acting. We have a goal that we set everyday, and on Tuesday we decided
to set a goal to talk to as many people really as we could. Catron
Shimai when she left, left us so cookie/brownie mix. So I decided to
get us to talk to more and more people, I made a game. Because I love
games! The game was called the "cookie game". The rules of the game
were simple. You had to stop someone, get their name, teach a
principle, and invite! So we made it a goal. We went out and there
was NO ONE! Literally no one. Oh man.... :( so I started to look
closely for anyone that we could talk to. We were biking back and I
saw these two older ladies walking down this road and as my companion
puts it "I turned around and booked it after them like Alma when he
was commanded by an angel to go back to the city." My companion
started doing it to, she hopped off her bike many times to talk to
people. We were biking through this mall type thing (shotengai) , and
I could feel that my companion wasn't behind me I turn around and it
looked like a movie. She was walking with this old grandma. I couldn't
just but want to cry. It was beautiful. As I looked to my right, there
was a grandma looking through a window at me, haha I turned and smiled
and waved. He then waved back. My heart was just happy!

Friday was a crazy crazy day! The elect are coming out of nowhere!!!
Like what happened?! We had a really good district meeting that day!
We also went to this youth mission activity. And guess who showed
up!?! CHIAKI CHAN!!! Our investigator Chiaki Chan was there! I
freaked! She is so ready. All we need to do, is talk to her family. We
need to get them interested in the gospel. When we walked to the front
of the group. I went and gave Chiaki chan a little pat on the
shoulder. She turned and realized it was me and also freaked! Her face
just lit up!! She was glowing and she's coming to church on the 27th!!
I love that girl! After we left, I texted her and said "Chiaki chan,
thank you for coming today, we love you!" And we got a reply later
saying "Lockett Shimai, it was so fun, love you too!" Like my heart
just melted hat day!
That day was also the day we knocked on a door of this lady that was
so cute, we came with the approach of using this family Book hat we
have. This lady was a little interested in the Book. It's a book about
how to improve our family relationships. After we went over to out
investigators house but it turned out that she was still in the
hospital. So you guessed it, we booked it to the hospital. We got
there and found her. We talked to her about the Restoration and the
Book of Mormon. She was just so happy. We decide to try and ask her to
be baptized. She said at this moment "no". But, she wants to come to
church! Yes!!! After we left and headed to Yasugi Eikaiwa. It's where
we teach English in another city really close called Yasugi. We
dropped off our bikes and at this point it was raining again in a
downpour. As we were waiting at a light we could feel that it wasn't
raining on us. We look up and this lady had a umbrella over us. She
was so so nice, she had put her umbrella over us and her. We then
walked together to the Train station. It was like a movie, we said
thank you and then at the last second I handed her a card!
And said thanks and left! That night we were biking home and this lady
was walking and we started talking to her. She was coming back from
Bible study, we gave her a chidashi (flier) and left.

This week we just have had amazing moments to plant seeds!

On Saturday one of our investigators said she wanted to go to
basketball! So she came to eikaiwa(English class) and we went
together. It was kinda sad I could only walk in basketball. Since a
week and a half ago I sprained my ankle, but it's been doing God so
far, everyone and myself included has been really surprised it's
heeled so quickly. But, we had a great time, she is so jouzu (skilled)
in basketball, we had a great time!

Now to end things great! I have a beautiful story to share about a girl!
One of the most precious moments in my mission so far happened yesterday.
We were biking to the church, since we were having no luck with
housing, since this week is the holiday called Obon. It's where people
clean their houses and he graves of their ancestors and prepare their
houses so that their ancestors can come into their houses. It's a big
deal here in Japan. And I didn't know about it, but everyone is so
busy. (When you have time, look it up on Google.) So we headed to the
church. As we were coming down this road to the church. I could tell
there was this girl. Doubt and fear just kept invading my mind, I
could easily just go on the other street... but I then realized that I
shouldn't. As we were coming closer, I then again had the feeling of
you could just go past her, just say hi and leave. But, what would
that do? That's not what we do as missionaries, we are to invite. So,
without thinking, I stopped right next to her. She was a lot younger
than I thought... we shook her hand..
"hello, we are missionaries from he church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints. We are church volunteers."
"Wow, that's cool" she replied. We asked about her. She's plays music
right by the church. She plays the base, and is 13!
"We believe that God is important." I said.
Her face lit up.
"Me too!" "I pray everyday and on Christmas I go to church and pray"
My companion then turned to her and said "I know that God answers and
listens to your prayers!"
I then turned to her as well... "we believe that God is like us and
real. He listens to our prayers." After a few minutes she turns to us
and says "arigatou wa Eigo de 'thank you' desu ne?" (Arigatou is thank
you in English right?)
""Thank you!" She said. I couldn't just but want to cry the whole time
we were talking. My heart was being mended back together, every time I
was told "no I don't want to talk to you", all the door slams, all the
"I'm Buddhist ", and all the Kekkous (I'm fine), just was swept away
and my heart was mended back together!!!!

I know that God answered that girl's prayer that day! I know that God
answers my prayers! I had been praying to find someone that would be
ready. And I have been finding them everywhere! No words can really
been written of how powerful and beautiful that experience was to me!
God is real!!!!!
This work is so important and I love it!
I love my savior!
And I love the beautiful plan of God!

May we all love God too! Because he sure loves us and sure loves the
beautiful Japanese people of Yonago!

Love ロケット姉妹

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Week 47: Hope is sometimes the only thing we can hold on to.

Sent from my iPad

Dear Families and Friends!


This past week has been exhausting, didn't think i would be this
exhausted! But, this was amazing! Monday we got to meet with a past
investigator. She had once had a baptismal date, but wasn't able to
make it. Chiaki san is her name. And it was one of the best lessons I
have ever been in. The spirit was so strong and it was just so
powerful. This girl is so prepared. God does prepare his children to
hear this gospel, and I have no doubt that he does provide a way. We
taught one of the most beautiful lessons. We talked about the Book of
Mormon. Such amazing power comes from this book! In the lesson we
found out that she reads from the Book of Mormon and prays everyday!
We were also told that she has family influences against the church...
but, God has a plan. I have come to find that Gods hand is in this
work so we must ALWAYS trust him and his plan. We are now teaching
Chiaki san lessons! The hope is what keeps this young girl and me
always trusting and exercising our faith in Christ.

There was one more story I would like to share. This is about a less
active named Eiko Shimai. Every time we visit Eiko Shimai she makes us
delicious food. But this time we visited was for transfers we had a
feeling that Catron Shimai might be leaving so we visited and we
talked with her about her life. eiko Shimai is an amazing person! She
has traveled all of the world. She went to Europe, Ireland, Jerusalem,
and many more... but what made me think the most and what struck me
the most was that she loved everyone that she met, she met many
different people everywhere. Who she would just meet once and love
them. She also likes English so she would try her best to speak to
these people. How amazing is that! What an impact can once person do!
I love this lady!

So transfer day came and Catron Shimai left... she went to THE ROCK!
She went to Takamatsu! I was then put with a 4th transfer, her name is
Lenfesty Shimai and she is from Texas. Really nice missionary, she
knows her scriptures but she is really shy so we will see how this
transfer is going. My hope is that I will be able to work on my
Japanese and stretch it. As well as help my companion, so we as a
companionship will be able to find those who are waiting for this

Love you all!!

Oh and yesterday we got invited to go with a member to watch
fireworks, there was soooooo many people!

Yonago is great!

Lockett Shimai

Saturday, July 8, 2017

First payment via money gram

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Monday, May 29, 2017

My donation to the less privilege

Beloved Friend

I am Mrs. Allison Madukwue Diezani, A former minister of
petroleum in my country; I am 56 years old, suffering from
protracted breast cancer which has also affected part of my brain
cells due to complications.From all indication my condition is
really deteriorating and it is quite obvious according to my
doctors that i may not live for the next few months, because my
condition has gotten to a critical and life threatening stage.I
have come to a stage in life were money cannot buy life, the
point where i regret every single mistake's made and things i
supposed to do that i neglected, i realize property and money add
no value to my soul except those life's of people we affect
positively and smiles we put in others faces that they appreciate
God through us. During my time in office as a minister of
petroleum in my country, several oil revenue fund which are
public funds where been diverted and share among the top
government officers which I took part during my period as a
minister, Crude oil is the major income

After been diagnosed of breast cancer which the doctor said i
might not make it, I feel the guilt of my misleading action
during my time as minister of petroleum and all that i neglected.
I wonder if God could ever forgive me..After Been born again now
I have decide to reach out to needy and put smiles in other
people faces, but I cannot do that myself due to my health
condition and my family are so greedy to even give out a penny
and my decision to do this is unknown to them because they will
do everything possible to stop me, I have some huge amount of
funds with a local bank In the republic of Benin, I have decided
to donate this fund to a Charity organization or a good person
that have the fear of God and would utilize this money in good
faith by setting up a charity organization or a foundation that
will reach out to the needy and i hope through this God could
have mercy on my soul because he his a merciful God.

All i need is your absolute trust, commitment, confidentiality
and honesty. I crave your indulgence as a God fearing individual
and as someone who cares for the less-privileged as much as i do,
to take it upon yourself and use this fund for the above
mentioned purposes, i took this life turning decision in other to
help humanity in my little capacity before i rest in peace in the
bosom of GOD almighty. According to my doctor my time will soon
be up, i will issue you with a letter of authorization which will
prove that you are the new beneficiary of the said fund. the
funds have an open beneficiary mandate and as such, it is whom i
authorize or appoint to act on my behalf that the bank will
recognize and release the funds to you. Please assure me that you
will not treat this offer with levity but will
rather give my bequest continued existence.

Sincerely Yours
Allison Madukwue Diezani

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Week 37: About one year ago...

Here's the doryos(companions)... the 4 before my companion now.

About one year ago.. my life was changed. About one year ago I was in
my living room of my house opening my mission call that would change
my life forever. One year ago...

Can you believe time flies that fast... because I sure can't. I
remember entering into the MTC and saying goodbye to my family. Little
did I know that this decision to serve a mission would grow me more
than I thought ever would be possible. Little did I know that this
would be one of the greatest decisions of my life, and little did I
know that it would be one of the hardest decisions of my life.
This week flew by... and to some up this week there were so many
miracles and I met an apostle! Yes, an apostle! I met Elder Dallin H.
Oaks. He came and visited the Japan Kobe Mission! How great is that?
We had a special missionary devotional on Saturday with the whole
Japan Kobe Missionaries! I feel so lucky to be able to be right at the
feet of an apostle and listen and learn. We all got to go up and shake
his hand and say hello as well. One of the things that I really
enjoyed is what he said about being a missionary.. he said "you are
called on your mission to be the BEST YOU CAN BE!" And he as well as
everyone else that spoke talked about Finding Joy in the Gospel! The
simple word "Joy" can mean so much on a mission. I think sometimes as
missionaries, we forget that this is suppose to be enjoyed... this
life and being a missionary. I also loved when he said that "the
difference between a new missionary (first transfer) and a missionary
that is more mature or longer in the mission field, is that they are
There won't be another time or at least not for awhile in my life,
that I will be serving and devoting all my time to the Lord. I sat
there just really took everything in that Elder Oaks was teaching us
and I felt that I might need to change. So, I did, I changed the way I
spoke to people, the way I proselyted, my facial expressions and I
could feel myself starting to change.

Another amazing miracle! We taught one of our progressing
investigators! She has such a desire to change, and I'm glad she wants
us to help with that! It is one of the greatest feelings in the world
to look at someone in the eyes, who you can tell just needs the gospel
so much, and you sit and talk and try to help her as best as you can,
because you know that your Japanese is not perfect, but you know that
God is putting whatever you say Into that persons cracked heart. I
could not have asked for anything better!

I love this gospel! I love the people I serve! And I love my Savior
Jesus Christ!

Seeing my family last week on Skype was a blessing, but also weird...
I shed a few tears to know that my family has confidence in me and the
work that I try my hardest to do. I love them, and I love all of you!
Please open your mouths... share this gospel with friends and family..
because if you love this gospel and if you Love God as much as I do,
then you would want all of our brothers and sisters to return back to
Him one day.

Love you all!
Have a great week!


Joan is so beautiful.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Week 34- A Little Piece of Heaven

I feel like this week I was handed over a beautiful little piece of
heaven! Like the heavens opened and I could see the light at the end
of that tunnel. This transfer has been nothing but learning and
growing, of overcoming fear, learning patience, building
relationships, and finding people that are prepared for this gospel.

I'm not going to lie, this transfer has been one of the hardest
transfers, these last week weeks actually, have been some of the
hardest weeks.... we have coming home everyday... exhausted, sweating,
laughing and crying. But, we have been coming home feeling satisfied.
We may not be the best teachers, but we have a determination to bring
the gospel to everyone here in Joyo, Japan!

This week was a great week! One that has changed my heart and has made
me that happiest missionary! We went and visited or progressing
investigator T-San at his work. We talked about the pamphlet that we
left with him. He was very interested in it. We taught him about
Christ and the who he was and what he did. We also wanted to focus on
baptism this lesson. So we talked about baptism and what it is, and
why it's important to receive it. We extended the invitation to be
baptized and at first he was a little worried, "I don't have any time,
I'm always working." He would say. We smiled. But then we asked if you
had time would you be baptized? And he said without a shadow of a
doubt. "HAI(yes)!" Our faces lit up with joy. We know that this man
has been prepared by the Lord for us to find and to teach and to bring
this gospel to! We don't have a date set yet. But hope to really soon!

The other amazing thing that happened, was with a less active member.
Now, if you didn't know I absolutely love less actives, they are my
favorite people to teach! But there is this less active member who We
meet with every week, and she is so sweet. We decided we really wanted
to take her out, and what perfect event to go then a concert by a
famous Mormon singer Idiye kyodai, he is known for "I'll find you
there my friend" song. He concert was going to be in Fushimi. So, we
called her up and asked her if she wanted to go. At first she was like
"uhh.. nah.. I don't think so" but then she actually kinda wanted to
go. So, we made all these arrangements to go, we biked to her house,
we called a taxi, and we headed to Fushimi. It was a miracle to get
her to come. She hasn't been to church in quite a few years. But, it
was good. We got there on time. She had a great time listening to the
music and talking to old friends that she had. On the ride home.. I
turned to her and I said "well, did you have a good time?" I will
never forget it, but she turned to us and smiled... "I am so happy"
she said in English to me. The tears that rolled down my cheeks.. were
some of the happiest tears I have ever cried.
I felt that God, was just giving us a little glimpse of how much He
loves us. If I feel this love for people, how much more does God?

I can't believe another transfer has come and gone. This week is
transfer week. Muliaga Shimai and I are praying that we are staying
together, but we aren't that sure yet.

I am grateful for all the happy and sad moments I've had in this
transfer they have helped me get better and become the missionary that
God knows who I can become.

I love you all! Have a great week!

Love ロケット姉妹

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Week 30- I think we're lost.. nah it's okay.

Sent from my iPadThe title tells the story. This week we got lost multiple times... not
on purpose. Haha.. okay.. I was really thinking about how to write
this letter today and I just thought I would really make it a
conversation rather than a email! We even got lost going to our
interview.. haha.. we were on the train going to Kyoto. We go to the
train station in Kyoto. We then figured out how to get to the other
train station in Shimagamo. So we hopped on another train. When we got
on we were waiting and then the speaker in the train goes off and says
"this train is bound for Joyo) and we jumped up.. ooops wrong train...
we hopped on another one and then made it to this older train station,
we then met up with the STLs... and then took a wrong bus.. it was all
so fun.. the good thing is we got two new investigators and the STLs
found a less active haha.. nice!

So, How is everyone doing? Anyone learning any Japanese yet? No?
That's okay..Haha.. everyday I sit down and wonder how am I going to
learn all this.. but I take it one step at a time and learn little by
little. Oh boy do I miss a good potato.. the potatoes here are so
small compared to the ones back home.. but I must say the food here is
so good! I love gyoza(pot stickers) so much and yakisoba with
vegetables, some good meat, and egg.. perfect! 👌 Oh man.. the ward
here.. gives us so much bread! I love bread so much! Bread with curry
or eggs or anything is like heaven on earth!

Okay enough, about food.. anybody look up Joyo, Japan on Google maps
yet? Haha... that's okay.. Joyo is actually a little small. If you
haven't looked it up, you might want to look it up for me... it might
say on Google Maps.. Joyo-The Best Place on Earth Or Miracle City!
It's basically Star, Idaho to Boise, Idaho. And if you don't
understand.. so sorry. This area is in the Kyoto Prefecture but
literally has rice fields everywhere. And it has old people
everywhere! Haha! I love old people! You never get bored! The ward is
literally all women... there is like only 6-7 men including Elders...
and he rest are the relief society and 2 young women! Talk about women
power.. sorry Elders! But, the ward here... feels like it is on
fire... they all want to really work hard and do their best.

I feel like everyday we see a miracle! Like no joke... there are
always so many miracles happening here.. I heard from other
missionaries that this area is a miracle area... and I'll be honest I
didn't think that would be true.. but it is! We met with a past
investigator twice this week.. she wanted to come to church. We also
had a crazy experience with a less active member yesterday. We
couldn't find her house.. I was getting really frustrated because the
Google Map wasn't working right.. but we stopped at this apartment
complex.. I was at the point of giving up... but I was like okay let's
just house this apartment complex.. we knocked on all the doors... and
the last door we knocked on we introduced who we were.. and all we
hear is "are you missionaries?" We then replied "yes,yes!!" Then this
lady just bursts open her door and says "I'm a member!" We asked her
name and it was the less active member we were looking for! Such an
amazing experience. She is so west and we committed her to coming to
church! I feel like God just rains blessings on us everyday and you
have to have the faith to see and listen for those blessings. Does
anybody else feel that way?

Today we are going to meet with another past investigator.. and I'm
nervous. Haha.. its in English and I'm nervous? But, I'm excited!

I hope all of you have a great week and enjoy life!

Love you all!