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Re: Week 63- one person can change you

Sorry P.S.S.. I called the member and told her about the referral and
she was soooooooo happy. And I told her I made a mistake and she said
it was totally fine... sorry I forgot to say that.

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> On Nov 20, 2017, at 14:24, Jordan Ann Lockett <> wrote:
> Dear family and friends,
> God is sooo cool.
> That's all I have to say...
> Haha... well God is just so cool isn't he. I've been seeing him a lot
> in my life this week. So much has happened I don't know where to
> begin.
> Well I will just start and say how grateful I was for this week. One I
> hit my year mark in Japan. And what a scary feeling that is. But, it
> was one of the sweetest moments to realize that you have been serving
> the lord in his vineyard in Japan for 1 whole year is more than I
> could ask for. Two, I thought a lot about my mom for it was her 20th.
> Birthday! Hahaha.. Happy Birthday mom, and I was also really thinking
> a lot about my best friend Dallin. His birthday was also this week...
> and I know he is looking out for me.
> Wednesday I took Savage Shimai out and around the city of Kurashiki. I
> learned a lot from her, I always do, but i especially learned about
> patience. When we were on our Kokan(exchange) we went and visited a
> historical site, called Bikanchiku. We were walking through and if
> anyone has ever been it's full of tourists, so we were looking for
> someone to talk to.. and we did.. God is too good. We met a lady from
> the Netherlands, she was taking pictures, we stopped and talked to her
> for a little. She was amazing she talked about how she is Protestant,
> and that she believes in God. She talked about her home back in the
> Netherlands and she said that on one street in her home town there is
> 7 churches, like what? It was crazy to hear that from her. It was
> awesome though to talk to her in English, don't get that very much
> anymore. Just bearing testimony of Jesus Christ and the church is
> just so powerful in you mission and native language.
> The other day, I believe Thursday it was, we went and did some
> visiting teaching with the bishops wife and she is just sooooo on
> fire, she asked us if we had anything planned for the day, we told her
> no no really... she asked if we could go together and visit less
> active members and members, and anyone we wanted to visit was okay.
> So, we didn't pass this chance up one bit. We went and visited like 20
> people it seemed like. Haha, somewhere in between we got to go to
> sushi and this was Smith shimais first time eating sushi.... oh boy...
> we tried shrimp first and I will add this was really one of the best
> sushi places I have ever been to. I loved it. Smith Shimai took a bite
> and was like hmmm.. yah it's okay... I told the member "okay let's try
> different ones, so we got some tuna and salmon, and I will never
> forget the look on Smith Shimai'S face when she tried the fish, she
> kinda looked really disgusted, kinda sad, and kinda sick... oh I felt
> so bad hahaha... I asked her how is it? And she said "oh it's okay",
> so then the member orders more
> hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahaahhaahhahaha.... it was so funny but
> kinda sad... everything that poor girl tasted she hated and didn't
> like one bit, and I sat there like girl, this is your life for a year
> and a half.. :) But, by the end of that lunch, we gave the man a Book
> of Mormon.
> That night we also got to talk to Donna on the phone, she has been
> really busy lately, but she informed us that she talked to her husband
> and he is against her being baptized..... darn... she was sooo sad, we
> were too... but no worries,,, we are praying extra hard that her
> husbands heart will be softened. Please pray for her.
> Well on Friday we had district meeting, and our district leader, since
> its close to Thanksgiving wanted to have a thanksgiving lunch, we had
> salad, mashed potatoes, and meat! Lots and lots of it! But, it was
> really fun! We also got to go over to Kaori chans home for dinner that
> night. Kaori is one of the investigators my MTC companion Epling
> Shimai found when she was a bean(trainee). She is so awesome, we made
> dinner together and had dinner with her family and shared a message
> about family history and started an account for her. It was so
> exciting. I learned so good o'japanese style cooking.
> The next day was fun... but I felt so bad. So, we received a referral
> from a member in Okayama. And we wanted to go visit her friend she
> referred us to as soon a possible. So, we did, we biked all the way
> out there about a good 30 minute or so bike ride. And, we didn't know
> if the member told her we were coming or not, so we did normal housing
> approach. "Hi, we are missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ. Of
> Latter Day Saints, and we ...." well we talked about the Book of
> Mormon and asked if she has ever seen one, and she said she actually
> has one. She brought it out and we talked for a minute or two... she
> then said if she has time she will listen to us.. so we told her we
> would be back soon... I felt sooo accomplished after we did that, I
> wanted to tell the member, so I go to call the member and I call, and
> she didn't answer so, then I leave a message.. I was feeling awesome.
> So, then the same number calls me back.. I answer and say "hello, this
> is Sister Lockett", "Hi, this is (the referral'S name)" my heart just
> like stopped completely.. "oh sorry wrong person." I almost started
> crying... I left a message for the referral we just talked to, which
> was meant for the member says that we contacted her.. like oh
> crap..... yah... I was freaking out... I prayed so hard! We thought of
> all the things we could do to help this situation, finally we decided
> it probably wouldn't be a good idea to sneak back into that house and
> delete the voicemail.
> We then went to the church for a church activity. It was the Kurashiki
> ward's 45 year of being established. It was so nice to see the ward so
> happy, we had tons of food and talked about the history of the church
> here in Kurashiki. Kaori chan and her boys showed up.
> And yesterday.. I just love Sundays because you never know. Well, oh
> BIG NEWS....the mission is on a search for a Swahili speaking
> missionary.. so we are awaiting a missionary to doeseki(be present)
> for us in a lesson. Stay tuned. But, yah Philamon wasn't able to come
> yesterday to church.. which was okay.. he let us know.. but instead
> another man and his daughter showed up. I had no idea who he was, but
> he smelled like Tobacco big time. After we talked to him, and found
> out he was actually wanting to go to the Protestant church and thought
> it was ours, had to use the bathroom and then a member told him to
> come in to sacrament, so he brought his daughter and they sat next to
> us. Afterward.. we talked to him and he has interest... Hana imagine
> that... he said he will be back next week and at 10 the right time...
> it was really interesting. Last night we got some time to go and find
> at the train station. And we did we found a cute family that lives in
> Fukuyama... so we gave the contact info to them, we also decided to go
> talk to this lady who was smoking... well she actually didn't have
> that much interest, but since we were there we talked to these two men
> standing next to her, and introduced the Book of Mormon, one man said
> he had heard of our church and didn't want to hear, but the other one
> smoking big time, stop smoking and put his cigarette in the trash and
> talked to us, we shared Mosiah 4:9 with him and he said he would take
> one. We gave him out contact info and told him to contact us.. he said
> he would read the Book of Mormon.
> What a great week.
> But, I think the experience this week that I really learned from, was
> the old man with his daughter at church. He made me think of the
> recent talk by Jeffrey R. Holland. "Be he therefore perfect,
> eventually." It applied to him so well. Here we have a man who looks
> like he could be a little tip. He smelled really bad, and really
> strong of tobacco, used this game of different Gods or something to
> explain to us what he was saying, but still came to church. Why?
> Because he is searching for the truth. He says he believes in
> everything, but he has not yet been able to enjoy what I enjoy. I love
> that line from the talk.. "Attack me if you will, but don't attack the
> path I follow, if I'm staggering from side to side, if I'm walking it
> drunkenly." Help anyone who is walking the path back to God.
> This man changed my life.
> My whole mission.
> We aren't perfect, but at least God is.
> Lockett Shimai
> P.s. Did some family history lately and found out that I have some
> ancestors that came across the plains with the saints and that one of
> my ancestors was blind for like 13 years and was ministered and
> blessed by Joseph Smith Senr. (President Joseph Smiths father) and
> received her eye sight! How cool!
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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Week 61- Does anyone speak Swahili?

Rachel and Philamon!

FURAHA? (How are you). Who knew I would need to learn Swahili?

Oh man family and friends. Do you I have a story to tell you!
This week was on so fun of miracles!

Okay well I will start at he beginning. So, yes indeed I was able to
return back to my beautiful heaven on earth Yonago once more! We had
Zone Conference up there.. and some of the members attended, it was so
great to see them and their smiling faces. I miss that city! I told
them I would come back, and yep I came right back! We had to get on a
bus on Monday so our preparation day was limited. But, that didn't
stop us from having a ball. We got to Yonago, just got off the bus and
I looked around I couldn't believe how it just looked oh so familiar.
I turn my head from left to right admiring the beautiful city I once
lived in. I close my eyes and remember all the times that I had up
there. I take a whiff and smell the nice cold air and then "what? A
BRAND NEW 711? Right by the Eki.. what are you kidding me?" I was so
surprised... haha, so we start heads for he church. When we get there
all the old experiences of that old church. Bringing one of my first
investigators to church, playing games with Catron Shimai at he
church and just in awww of how much I truly missed that place.
I HAD MY INTERVIEW with Smoot Kaicho again. It went so well... but
then he posed the question, what are my plans after the mission? My
heart sunk... what? No... already? It kinda started to sink in again
that I'm not a 1st transfer anymore, and that I was he second oldest
sister missionary in the whole zone!
Later that day the sisters of the zone. STLs excluded though they
didn't come. But, we as the 6 sisters in the zone, got on a bus and
headed to the Eki. We had some posters in our hands and when we got
there, we dendoued(prosylized) like crazy. ABOUT FAMILY HISTORY!!! It
was so fun we had 2 groups and the companionships were split and we
would just try anything to get someone to come and listen to us talk
about family history. We sang, danced, played music, and laughed. We
actually got a lot of people come talk to us. We even asked the taxi
drivers if they were interested as well as stopped a young boy on a
bike (I kinda ran after him and told him to stop). Haha... but he had
Afterwards we went back to my old apartment. Oh that was fun. It
changed a little. I was sad to see that Catron Shimai and I's
masterpiece of pictures son the walls were ripped down...(wasn't that
happy about that.:( But, it was fun.
The next day ZONE CONFERENCE! Our leaders are guided by the spirit!
It was so great Zone Conference was so nice. I learned so much from
them. I learned about personal revelation. Christlike attributes, and
family history.
After leaving conference that day, we asked a member Koyama Shimai if
she could drive us to the bus station. She of course did... and I got
to say goodbye which will probably be the last time for awhile.
Getting on the bus to go back to Kurashiki I think I shed a small
tear... but I know I'll be back.

And back at it in Kurashiki. But, we came back ready to dendou hard.
So, sister smith and I started working harder and longer trying to
find some new investigators. We also decided that our new main focus
would be to strengthen the members and their faith. So, we tried
visiting and doing little acts of kindness. We visited one of my
favorite people Aline Shimai. Her lesson was more about strengthening
her and her faith. I asked her what she would want to see nor elf at
church. She said happiness! Oooooo... good one. She felt that the ward
was a little gloomy lately. So, we took her words and left. As we left
her home, I saw this nice old lady with a bright orange coat on. All I
said was "I like your coat." And she got big wide eyed and happy, we
started to talk about family history, and I will be honest I have not
had a more harder time in Japanese in a long time than I did with this
lady. She was talked at the highest speed possible, probably even
faster that that.. and she mumbled.. so I was trying to catch what she
was saying half the time. She said something like "please come to my
house." So we followed her to her house, she told us to come in and
have a seat. So we did. (Didn't want to be rude and she was so nice.)
we came in and sat down on her couch, she started mumbling some things
and then said "I'm going to get some food Doen the street" or
something, I honestly could not understand her to save my life. Haha.
She then proceeded to unlock her back door and started to walk out and
I said "uhhh..." and she said you stay here. She LEFT US IN HER HOUSE!
I mean like what?? For like 5 MINUTES! She then comes back and says
"oh I'm sorry that place was closed, now what should we do?" I looked
at her like what? I tried to tell her it was no big deal, we could
come over another day or something, but she would not listen to
anything I was saying and said "ok, let's go and go get dinner."
Uhhhhhh... okay? So, we follow this old grandma down the road all the
way down the road to this restaurant. It was like 2 miles or more. It
was crazy, and it was at night. She then buys us dinner to go and then
she says "ok, now we are going to go get some bread", what? This lady
was crazy, there was so much food in my hands. We then get bread and
onigiris and she says "do you want some ice cream?" By this time, I
was just freaking out... like what the? Oh.. did I mention she was 87
years old? Yah.. so we go back to her house and she has us eat and she
like watches us eat too,.. hahaha.... she then asked when we were
leaving and I said oh well we better leave at 7. "On the 7th of
November?" Uhhh... what? I think this lady thought we were going back
to America sometime soon... which I had already explained we lived in
Kurashiki. She then exclaimed "no.. you can't leave in the dark, are
you?" "Uhhh.. yah... we have to go home to our apartment." "Well you
can leave tomorrow can't you?"
Basically to make things short, we almost were forced to spend the
night at this grandmas house, and she was going to keep feeding us and
stuff... I mean if I wasn't a missionary I would definitely stay.. but
since we have to return to our apartment, we kindly declined hahaha...
how funny.. great story.

But the best story of the week was on Sunday.
So, last transfer Shumway Shimai and I found this guy from Kenya 🇰🇪,
named Philamon. Well, he wasn't able to come to church last week, so I
felt prompted to text him and ask if He is coming. He said "of
course!" So, we got to the church that morning and started waiting,
then we get a. Text saying that he was at he Kurashiki Eki and didn't
know where to go, which I mean I gave him the address.. but no need to
fear, my companion and I raced to the Eki. We get there, and there is
no Philamon. Well at this point it was almost 10:00 and church
started.,.... we looked everywhere for him. But, could not find him
anywhere. He finally texted again and said after like 20 minutes, I'm
almost to the church! What? Ahhhhhh... we got on our bikes and raced
as fast as our bikes could go to him. We found him! Really really
close to the church, but he had a friend. She is also from Kenya. Her
name is, we bike to the church with them and go upstairs to
sacrament meeting and then the fun began I had to translate to both of
them. That was a little difficult, but it was really fun. Well, after
sacrament, our stake president Imai kaicho was there and sped all the
way to Philamon and asked where he was from and what he was doing in
Japan. Comes to find out that Philamon is actually 16 and Rachel is 17
and they both study here and are athletes. They run! And they aren't
just runners they are like champions in Japan! Philamon is #1 in ALL
JAPAN! And Rachel is #2 in ALL JAPAN! Go figure we find he fastest
people in Japan! But, I asked Imai Kaicho as we were exiting the
chapel, if he was available to be our member present for the lesson!
And Imai Kaicho exclaims "of course!" Can you believe hat? Having a
lesson with your stake president? Yah I couldn't either and Imai
Kaicho is pretty good in English so it went well. Well we taught the
Restoration! It was SO SPIRITUAL! The spirit waS there Philamon,
Rachel and Imai Kaicho were tearing up.. when we talked about Jesus
Christ, something just clicked for them. They explained how in Kenya
every Sunday they would go to church, but ever since they came to
Japan. There had only been one church they could find that had
translation that they only had once a month.. so to find this church
with the broken translation I have.. they felt so grateful. I asked
them what they thought about this lesson and the restoration after and
Rachel looks at me in the eyes and said "is this story true?" I had
never felt so much love for anyone in a long time and just replied
"yes, it's all true and we know it's true because of the Book of
Mormon". I told them we could get them two English book of Mormons
next week. She said "it must be true and no coincidence you found us
and brought us to church."
After they got to go to young men and young women's. I was a little
worried I didn't know who would go with Philamon and translate, I then
asked "what about Philamon?" Imai Kaicho raises his hand and this just
melted my heart "I will translate in my broken English !" I just
wanted to cry..... so, we went with Rachel to young women's and they
kinda made it into a testimony meeting.. everyone bore their testimony
and Rachel was just so happy.. she said she was so grateful for the
opportunity to come to church and that she hopes she can just start
coming every week.

After young women's we come out into the hall, and all you see is Imai
Kaicho, a member, dendou shunin(Ward mission leader) and Philamon
exchanging numbers, Facebook, and Line! Like what???????! Happy day
all around. They said they will be coming next week.

So fast forward to later in the day.. I call the Kobe sisters asking
if we could spend the night for today because we have a meeting for
trainers and trainees and they say yah. Well after I said hey when you
get a chance, can you go check at the homebu(mission office) if they
have 2 Book of Mormons in Swahili (Rachel and Philamon speak english,
but more of Swahili). She said yah, we can check. We will call you
back later.
So 20 minutes later, they call "you won't ever guess what happened?"
"What? I asked.
"They only have 2 BOOK OF MORMONS IN SWAHILI FOR YOU!" I was jumping

Have a great week!

Lockett Shimai

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Week 59: new baptism, new trainer?

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Sent from my iPadDear friends and family,

So much has happened this week.

So, Shumway Shimai and I knew that sometime our companionship would
have to end, and it was this week that we had to be split up. I was
really sad to leave her. She has taught me so much. We have seen so
many miracles together. But, we couldn't leave each without a bang.
And I'm sure that through our obedience this past transfer that God
gave us miracles.
Wednesday we met with Donna. She is one of our former investigators,
she is from Brazil but married a Japanese man, but little by little we
have been keeping in touch with her. We had a lesson set up with her,
so we left and walked to her house. I asked Shumway Shimai, "what do
you think we should commit her to do? To help her faith and to start
repenting?" And she said "lets go BIG! Let's ask her to be baptized!"
My eyes got a little big, you think that's what we should ask?" "Yes!"
"Okay, let's go big or go home!" So, with that thought in our minds we
walked into that house.

We talked to Donna about her life and a lot of things she is wanting
to change in her life. Everything she was saying was centered on being
forgiven by God. She has a few things she is working through right
now... but I was so grateful for her honesty and wanting to receive
help and learn more about Christ and his healing Atonement. In the
most spirit filled part of that lesson. I turned to Donna and I said
"Donna, you can be forgiven." I just love giving people that amazing
message. And we asked her to be baptized. And Donna looked at us,
especially me right after asking and just blank stared into our souls
it seemed like, and said "YES!"
I have never felt so much love and purpose to the work that I am doing
as a missionary. Even in Japan we can find some of the most prepared

Well after that lesson, Shumway Shimai and I still couldn't believe
what we had just witnessed and we knew that God does give those
amazing miracles to those who really really are obedient. Words of
advise: Be Obedient to God!

Well... Monday I received a call that God has other plans for me and
that he needs me to TRAIN! I was called to train a new sister fresh
out of the MTC. And to make things even better, I get to train with
Catron Shimai. One of my old companions Catron Shimai who I was up in
Yonago with. She is also training another sister as well. We were so
happy. When I found out sat Monday I emailed her and she emailed me
back and said... I'm training too! We were soooo happy! So, Wednesday
night Shumway Shimai and I got on a train, and I dropped her off with
the sister training leaders in Okayama and I took off towards Kobe. It
was a long ride over, but it was so awesome. I was able to talk to
this amazing girl about the Book of Mormon half of the way to Kobe. By
the end of our talk I gave her my card and a Book of Mormon. I was so
grateful for that ride. When I got into Kobe I found out that I would
see two of my favorite people. I got to spend the night with Catron
Shimai and Nomura shimai. They both stayed in the Kobe sisters
apartment. It was great to see both of them again. This time I was
able to fully understand Nomura shimai and talk to her. It's crazy how
you can change from a 3rd transfer to a 9th.

The next day Catron Shimai and I walked up to the mission home. We
then were trained by President Smoot and the assistant to the
president. Then I got my bean chan! My little trainee! Sister Smith
スミス姉妹! She way cute and ready to work. She's a little shy, but she is
amazing! It was great to see like 4 others of my doeki (the people
that I came into the mission with) also training. I also got to say
goodbye to Quirce Shimai too!

After we left the mission home. We headed home. Also some of my old
friends from Kouchi came up to say goodbye to a missionary. The next
few days were a little more difficult. We did a lot studying and
trying to get a bike. I don't know why but ever since I became a
trainer I can't find anything.ll so the other day we were trying to
find a potential investigator and I got us lost in the rain hahaha...

But, yah I'm the worst trainer ever haha... we had stake conference
yesterday. We rode up with some members to a city called Niimi. It was
great I was able to talk to and see all of my family from Yonago. I
love those people. We were going to listen to some talks by the
president of the stake, President Smoot and others as well as a Elder
from the 70. Anyways, well it was really good to watch President Smoot
get up and speak in Japanese... he has grown so much. The elder Elder
Gay I believe started speaking. And he started speaking about opening
our mouths. It was more centered on the me,here. He asked all the
missionaries to stand, we stood, he said it again, and said all of you
stand, you are all missionaries. It was so powerful. He then told all
of the full-time missionaries to stay standing. He then asked "how
many of the missionaries brought an investigator to keep standing?"
All of us sat down. He then said how the members need to be opening
their mouths. He then asked a couple of sister missionaries to come
up. No one was standing so I jumped up and said "let's go". My poor
bean chan looked st me with big open wide eyes.. "are you kidding?"
"Nope, lets go." So we walked up there. I thought he was going to ask
a question, but instead said. "Okay, you sisters bare your testimony
of why we need to be apart of this church." I then went like big eyed
too... oh dang it. *gulp* so I stood on this stage big eyed and told
them why they need to be apart of the church. In English, there was a
translator. After my companion gets up and does the same. After he
says "okay which one of you is the senior companion?" Another gulp..
raising my hand slowly.... "okay, you can't leave without giving your
testimony on Japanese." So, you guessed it I gave my testimony in
Japanese. It was a moment in my mission I will never forget.

But, after all of this I realized that it wasn't too bad. Well, now my
bean is not afraid of housing.

Great week! Life is great! Keep smiling everyone.. there is good
things too come.


Sunday, October 1, 2017

Week 56: The Spirit: He's the True Converter

Minasan Konnichiwa,

Today is about the SPIRIT!
Who is the spirit? Yah well I'm still trying to master him. He's the
one who comforts you when your sad, he helps you make hard decisions
when you stuck, he is the one who whispers in you ear when you are
can't deny he's there with you! Yah, he's the one telling you which
way to go to either go visit one of you investigators or to go see a
less active member who is having a hard time even knowing if the
church is true. He's the one who understands your problems, who tells
you what your doing is in line with Gods, that you can't just want to
cry because if you don't say that prayer together before you go into
that lesson, you won't have the spirit to be with you! And when you go
to church every week and partake of the sacrament, you sing praises of
joy and remember the covenants you have made with HIM! And you feel
his presence and just smile from ear to ear, because that's the best
feeling in the whole world.

Kurashiki is definitely a little peace of heaven on earth. I feel
like all my areas have been just a small peace of what heaven really
feels like. And what does heaven feel like? Well, you really can't
explain. Kurashiki by far has been probably one of the most fast pace
places I have been in. All of Japan is fast pace, but Kurashiki is a
little bit more fast then I guess I'm used to. But, boy is it fun!
Being the only two missionaries in all Kurashiki puts a lot of things
on your shoulders. But there good things. Less actives, members,
investigators, Eikaiwa (English class), you aren't Sharing that with
the Elders but just you and your companion. How lucky are we?! But, as
of right now we really are low on investigators, but lucky for us,
because we are happy finders! We also have been told that our members
are sharing the gospel and are talking about the missionaries coming
over to share the gospel, how nice are they?!

Kurashiki is also like the most kiseki(miracle) area ever! We have
been finding people right and left! We are going to visit one of our
potential investigators tomorrow that we find last week. She told us
how her family is Shinto, but her parents passed away about 2 years
ago and how she is just sad and lonely. But, lucky for us because
Jesus Christ's message is all about hope and love and eternal joy! Met
a guy from India 🇮🇳 who actually came up to us while we were giving
out Eikaiwa flyers and asked if we could teach him Japanese and we
said "sure, we will do that." We are going to do the 30/30 program
with him!

This past week I was able to have a great kokan(exchange) with one of
my good friends Quirce Shimai, I have known that girl for so long.
Back in my times in Kyoto. One of the best sister trainig leaders I
have ever had. I learned so much from that girl. I lover her!

This week we have been given more chances to teach about the Plan of
Salvation. We were able to share a little bit about the gospel of
Jesus Christ as well with a referral. I can feel every day the Lords
hand in my life and in the Kurashiki area. We got to listen to the
women's session of general conference. President Uchdorf's talk on the
3 sisters was definitely one to remember. One of my favorite quotes
:"My dear sisters, please let these divine truths sink deeply into
your hearts. And you will find that there are many reasons not to be
sad, for you have an eternal destiny to fulfill."
But, honestly remember friends and family that The spirit is the True
converter. I have realized that on my mission and keep realizing. I am
only an instrument in God's hands, I am a mouth piece for him, and the
spirit is the one who does convert! That is why we baptize converts!
People who are converted to the gospel!

Love you all! Have a great week!


- members
- more members
-Thailand friends(literally came up to us and asked to be friends, and
gave us their phone numbers and said if we ever come to Thailand to
say hi)
-Kaori chan, Quirce Shimai and I
-my beautiful companion and I

Thursday, September 28, 2017


Dear Beloved,

My dear, I know it will be a great surprise to you reading from me today as we did not know each other before. I will like you to please take time and go through this mail, it is the situation of things surrounding me that made me to cry out to ask you for an investment assistance in your country there because I never knew things will turn this way after a painful death (assassin) of my beloved husband by his people because of greed.

My Name is Mrs. Felisa Ayers an orphan, I am writing this mail to you with heavy tears in my eyes and great sorrow in my heart, I married to Mr. Ayers Paul who worked with the Sonatrach oil and gas as top senior officer before his death and I became sick and very unwell to continue the work that I started with my husband, since his death I decided not to re-marry or get a child outside my matrimonial home which the word of God is against. We were married for 32 years without a child. When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of $7.3 Million in a bank with my name as the next of kin, presently, this money is still with the Bank.

Recently my doctor told me that I would not last for long periods due to my cancer problem and My late husband's relatives who should have assisted me in this situation are greedy and worldly; since my ill- health they have stolen and converted all of my late husband's properties to their private use simply because I did not have a Child. Living me to battle my sickness alone.

Having known my condition I decided to hand over this money to someone who will be ready to utilize it the way I am going to instruct herein. This money was deposited by my husband for the future of our children. Now that we did not have any, I decided to give it to charity for the benefit and education of the less privileged/orphans in the society. I grew up as an orphan and I know the pains and sorrow that are associated with it.

I shall be going in for a surgery operations soonest and desire this money to be transferred to you as I do not wish to leave this money in the bank because bankers will misuse it and it will not be in the best interest of the poor and the needy. I need you to carry out this process.

Once I receive your reply I will instruct the bank attorney to write my WILL in your name" that will prove you the present beneficiary of the fund in the bank, which is if you assure me that you will act accordingly as I Stated herein.

I need your urgent response as I don't know what tomorrow will result,

Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Felisa Ayers.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hi dear

Hi dear!
How are you doing? Please did you received my previous email? Reply as soon as possible.
Take care till I hear from you soon.
Best Regards

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Week 54: 1 YEAR?!!!

Sent from my iPad

Sent from my iPad

Dear family and friends,

Konnichiwa all the way from Kurashiki, Japan!
How was everyone's week?

Well, I can't believe it's true, but I have officially hit my one year
mark the other day! I have been a missionary for over a year! How fast
the time flies!! ねー but, besides that this week was great!

On Monday night we were housing and found his cute grandma. It was
actually a pretty funny story. So, we ping-ponged her house and no one
answered so we started walking down the street when all of a sudden I
hear the click of a door unlocking and this sweet old grandma pops her
head out and says "nan deshou ka?". I quickly run back, my companion
behind me. We then come up to her "konbanwa, watashitachi wa matsu
jitsu seito iesu kirisuto kyoukai no senkyoushi desu. Watashi wa
roketto shimai desu." (Good evening, we are from the church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints. My name is sister Lockett). We then
started talking to her about church and Jesus Christ. She was so kind
and asked us to come in and have a seat. We sat down and she felt like
a bad host, so she asked if she could bring us some matcha(green tea).
We kindly said "I'm sorry we don't drink that." She then asked for
awhile why we wouldn't take her tea, we told her that we believe that
our bodies are holy and that they were given by God. She then went on
how matcha is so good and tasty. She then changed the subject and
asked more about our religion. We told her about the Book of Mormon.
She was a little surprised it was a book from God. We then tried
handing it to her, and said "this is for you," she was stunned "what
for me? How nice! (嬉しい😊!!!!) "she then got up and then asked again if
we wanted some more matcha... then we kinda started realizing that
this poor old woman probably had some type of Alzheimer's because she
started repeated herself and asking if we wanted matcha and we gave
her the Book of Mormon like 3 times. She also asked if we were cold,
it was really hot in that room, but apparently since the window was
open she thought it might be cold for us and gave us like 20 million
blankets, I was sweating to death... and then the lady just goes and
says I'm going to go get some matcha! Uhhhhh.... hahaha... it was very
difficult, but we left without drinking her matcha. She is so sweet.

Well on Thursday I hit my one year mark. We decided we wanted to try
doing some studies at Starbucks.. which actually was one of the best
ideas yet. We found one of my favorite people now Kanaka san! He is
just the funniest old man ever. We were studying and this old man just
sits down by us and asks my companion Shumway Shimai what she is
reading. She turns to him and tells him she is reading a church book.
He then asks about where we are from and what we are doing her. We
gave him a little run down of things. He then quietly turns back to
his book and coffee. "Oh darn it" I thought, like this guy was really
nice, I want to talk to him. "What are you studying," I ask. He smiles
"I'm thinking about life." Haha wow... I was not expecting that
answe. For some odd reason that conversation went to exactly no where.
After quite some time, after we had both finished our personal study,
I was praying and hoping that some how I would be able to talk to this
man. And what do you know he then starts talking to us again, and this
time I was ready. We talked for about an hour and a half, about
anything and everything under the sun. We talked about his life, his
job, religion, Buddha, Christ, church... ect... he is actually a way
interested guy he used to work for a company that first came up with
the bottles to hold ketchup and mayo in Japan. Like what? I know...
he's been everywhere, and he dated a Mormon girl, go figure. After
that conversation, he said "I'll see you again soon, I come here
everyday, you both are great and I appreciate what you do, but it's
hard isn't it talking about religion with Japanese people?" I shrugged
"yah, sometimes, but it's worth it." He got up and said "be
patient"in English and left.

One of the last stories I wanted to share from this week was on
Friday, we had just biked really far out to go see our dendou
shunin(ward mission leader) and share a quick message about missionary
work. On the way back we decided we wanted to house these danchis(
multi-unit apartments). So, we did and the first door we get to was a
Philippino lady and she was so happy we had come, she's Christian and
reads the bible and said she would like to see the Book of Mormon. So,
we are going back and giving her a Book of Mormon in Tagalog! After we
found another lady who was really nice, she was a little bit
interested in the gospel and what not, we then again testified of the
gospel and the Book of Mormon. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she
said she might come to church soon! Wow! Miracles! Our goal for that
day was to talk to 10 people have 10 meaningful contacts! And we had
9! After housing one complex, shumway Shimai and I were really tired.
I said "I'm tired," and then paused "Jesus was probably really tired
too, but he didn't give up." So we housed another danchi. We did 24
flights of stairs, 9contacts, 48 doors, 1 new investigator, 1 Book of
Mormon, and a whole lot of chidashi(flyers). And we still needed that
last contact, so on the way back we talked to this kid about church.
We biked all the way home through rice fields, singing hymns at the
top of our lungs! Haha!
I love being a missionary!

Yesterday was a little crazy... we were told we were going to have
another typhoon. And I didn't know how big it was until we only had 1
hour of church and the rest was cancelled! But, while at church I was
listening to a sister talk. Apparently in the Kurashiki Ward there
quite a few people who come but live like an hour or so away and it's
really hard for them to come but they have some much faith and they
come anyways even though it's long and lots of money, they come. But,
they will be meeting up there from now on... which is really sad
because now the ward will only be about 30 people or so instead of
like 45 people. I'm not really sure numbers but the lady bore her
testimony of how God is so mindful.
While she was bearing her testimony I wrote this- I have never seen so
much faith ina group of Latter-day Saints than the ones in the
Kurashiki Ward in Japan. Traveling 2 hours every eat at a church of so
few. With the faith of these saints and the love they have for their
savior and for each other, it's hard not to see or feel the love of

Alma 26:37!

But, yah the winds were bad, we tried to go sync our areabooks and our
umbrellas broke so we ran back! Hahaha!

We got like 3 texts from the city telling people to find shelter now!

Craziness! But we are okay!

Lockett Shimai